Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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    Motorcycle theft statistics 2019

    UK motorcycle theft statistics 2019

    Motorcycle theft is becoming increasingly more common than ever. Infact, a study by the British Motorcyclist Federation shows that 1 in every 46 registered bikes...
    GP caught drink riding BMW

    GP allowed to keep job, despite being drink-riding at double the limit.

    A GP has been allowed to continue working despite being caught for a second-time drink-driving in three years.Dr John Thompson, 73, was found to...

    SorryMate Lawyers – Bikers supporting bikers

    “Sorry Mate, I didn’t see you!”.Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen. Whether you're a careful rider or a little less so, we all know that having...

    The electric motorcycles we’re dying to see in 2019

    Electric motorcycles have completely exploded this year, and we haven't even made it past the first month. If you've happened to be hiding under a...
    Motorcycle Thief

    New BBC Documentary examines the lifestyle of a former motorcycle thief

    A former criminal reveals how he would mock his victims online with photographs of their destroyed bikes. A former motorcycle thief bragged online mocking his...
    Happy female biker

    Riding a motorcycle has the same effect as exercise and meditation combined

    Researched commissioned by Harley-Davidson takes a more in-depth look at individuals mental state and the effect of motorcycle riding.UCLA recently released a study that...

    Ducati are revolutionising how we think about motorcycles

    Ducati is revolutionising its motorcycles after announcing that it is developing a new state of the art ARAS radar system in its bikes. Safety is...
    Galileo Navigational system and Brexit

    No-deal Brexit will destroy motorcycle trackers

    Motorcycle-related crimes and thefts are at an all-time high in the UK. However, what most bikers didn't know is that the UK invested £1.2billion...



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