Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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    Motorcycle Thief

    New BBC Documentary examines the lifestyle of a former motorcycle thief

    A former criminal reveals how he would mock his victims online with photographs of their destroyed bikes. A former motorcycle thief bragged online mocking his...
    Galileo Navigational system and Brexit

    No-deal Brexit will destroy motorcycle trackers

    Motorcycle-related crimes and thefts are at an all-time high in the UK. However, what most bikers didn't know is that the UK invested £1.2billion...
    New Lightning Electric Strike Motorcycle Headlights

    New Lightning electric motorcycle: What you need to know.

    Motorcycle manufacturer, Lightning electric motorcycles, based in California has announced that they will unveil their new bike this March and we're excited to see the...
    New DVLA motorcycle rules 2019

    New Motorcycle test changes for 2019

    New regulations are coming into force from the DVSA to restrict riders who are looking to take their 'A' licence. Will you be affected? Under...
    UK Police use tactical ramming to catch Moped Criminals

    VIDEO: Met Police use tactical ‘ramming’ to catch moped criminals

    New Skorpion drivers are given powers to implement tactical ramming techniques in a bid to tackle moped crime.  Police previously faced prosecution Earlier this, London Metropolitan Police said:...
    London Sadiq Khan Vs. Royal Jordanian

    Could Khan be the end of Royal Jordanian?

    The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, together with the Deputy Mayor of Transport, has announced that motorcycles used for private use are no longer...
    Motorcycle crime protestors

    MP demands Theresa May to stop motorcycle crime.

    Heely MP Louise Haigh has urged Teresa May to give more protection to UK police forces in pursuing moped criminals. Motorcycle related crime has soared She...
    South London Police Bike

    Your POLITE NOTICE could lead to a hefty fine

    A biker has divided opinions recently after being handed a fine for impersonating a police officer. Darren Emanuel from London, was pulled aside after...



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